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Mom 5 months into being diagnosed with stage IV NSCLC


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My names Dave and my mom has stage IV NSCLC which was deemed inoperable back in July and due to her being very ill with Lyme's Disease it turned out she was not a good candidate for chemo and radiation (she also was very against these forms of treatment) She has been trying a consortium of alternative treatments and I have been helping her along the way. She's now starting to rapidly get weaker and I am beginning to become very concerned that she is approaching what may possibly be her final few months (I continue to pray I am wrong). In looking for information on what these next few months may hold I came across this site, and I must say I'm very glad to be here. Wish you all the very best.


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Welcome Dave,

I put your mom on my diagnosis anniversary list because lots of us diagnosed Stage IV have made to first anniversaries of survival and way beyond.

Don't give up hope. Lots of great medical strides being made every day.

Sending caring thoughts and strength to you and your mom,


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Thanks guys for all the prayers and support, I can't tell you what a relief it is just to hear the encouragement... and I will relay it to my mom (she doesnt get on the computer at all anymore)

One thing that has been a huge difficulty throughout this battle is that my mom had worked with ladies in the church with cancer, supporting them and doing research into holistic treatments for them for the 3 years prior to her herself being diagnosed. This may sound good, but the bad thing about it is that she had alot of preconceived notions about cancer treatment that steered her decisionmaking before she even heard the full daignosis. She is and was extremely against chemo/radiation due to examples she has had personal expeiences (friends) where it either didnt work or made people very ill or was believed to have led to their passing. Her determination to rely on diet and holistic treatments and her distaste for all things conventional has made it a somewhat difficult process.

I am her confidante (being the child most like her) and I knew that she was unflappable in her stance that she'd rather spend her time pursuing the treatments she thought were non invasive and immune boosting, rather than conventional treatments. in the early stages we as a family made the decision to stand by her wishes regardless of our personal opinions. I believed strongly that no amount of persuading would change her and might only serve to confuse and demoralize her... she has remained convinced that what she is doing is right and I am glad for that. But sometimes I have my doubts.

It seems I needed to vent because I forgot what point i was trying to make. But anyway that is the story... I am continuing to try to add to her research into holistic methods (oxygen therapy, detox, chelation therapy, high pH therapy, low sugar diet... the list grows longer all the time) All the while I wonder if we've done the right thing for her... the whole situation is so terribly vexing, and im naturally one to doubt/question myself.

And again... thank you all so much for your support... I should have done this so much sooner.

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I think I can relate to how your mom feels. After over a year of watching my husband fight this terrible disease, slowly being eroded more by the treatments than the disease I have become really torn as to what I would do if faced with the same problem.

We always thought I would be the one to get LC and he had to worry about heart disease. I had the terrible smokers cough and couldn't breathe. My family has the cancer history. His family was early heart disease. When he was dx my first reaction was "no, I am the one who is supposed to get LC". We were both in total shock.

I know it is still out there lurking for me, I am now proactively looking for it, paying myself for yearly CT scans. However, if I do develop it I am not sure what if any treatment I would go for.

Your mom is fighting it the way she thinks is best for her and you are really courageous to support her even if you have doubts. My husband is even trying treatments (accupuncture & herbs) with a very reputable chinese dr. You never know. I hope your mom finds something that works for her. Please keep us updated.

Karen H

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Dear Dave:

I so know how you feel. Mom is trying anything and everything an is trying not to give up the fight. Between the cancer and the Alzheimer's life is a challenge. We let Mom make the decisions about her health because that is the only thing that she can still make decisions about. Just about everything else is in someone else's hands. I know the anger you might feel from time to time. She doesn't deserve this cruel disease. But, in my family, we support whatever Mom's decision might be. We may not like it, but it is her decision. You and your Mom are both in my prayers. You will find the strength to do what you have to when the time comes. Glad you found this site. It has helped me tremendously when it comes to blowing off steam and venting. The people here are great. If you need to talk quietly, don't be afraid to e-mail me privately. Tricagiggles314@aol.com. Bless you both. Pattie

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