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Handkerchiefs-true story


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On Tim's report card in the 1940's there was a place to

give a mark under the health section : "carries a handkerchief at all times"

So he learned his lesson well and was never without one.

Now I find it very comforting to carry his handkerchiefs with me, one in every flannel shirt of his that I wear. I shall never get rid of them.

Any seniors out there who got marked on carrying a clean handkerchief when in school?


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My Mother always put a beautiful handkerchief in the top of our Christmas stocking. I never carried them with me though.

Earl always had one with him. He used it for everything so they became some interesting colors which defied bleach. He always had them in the right rear pocket of his pants.

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My DH always carries one, he faithfully changes it at least once a week.......it goes into the hamper still folded, it's never been near his nose but I've seen him dust his shoes before now.

The dirt on the fold lines defies any cleaning, but I've given up on that as nobody but me has ever seen them unfolded!

Always had a lacy hankie when I was young, didn't like ironing those either.


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Mom always made sure we girls always had a pretty handkerchief in our little purse. They were delicate, lacy, most all with some kind of flowers, some applique'd. We learned to iron by ironing these at about 4 or 5 years old.

Never got marked for carrying one. But, I am sure the teachers took notice.

Cute story, Cyndy. Glad that this little thing of Tim's brings you comfort.

Cindi o'h

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Cyndy...I think this is great! I love reading things like this! My soon to be DIL teaches 3rd grade and is always begging us all for boxes of tissue. She says there are so many little ones that come to school with the sniffles and are always wiping their noses on their sleeves...or arms...ugh! Maybe the "hankie report" should be reinstated.

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I'm glad you asked that question

My dad died a couple of weeks ago (not LC related) but i miss him a lot. He also always carried a hanky (the bright red ones like the cowboys carried). Always hung out of his back pocket. I remeber as a kid that it was always there to wipe a dirty mouth, wrap around a dripping ice cream cone or wipe away the tears. Mom would wash them and iron them...

I hadn't thought about that for a long time. Thanks for reminding me of some special memories.

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