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#8 and 9 ( ponder these)


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I would have to say that since I have gained a "few" pounds and can't figure out why....REALLY! Can't figure it out! Eat LESS and have done MORE than I have in a long time. I keep gaining a pound or 2 every month. So #1 makes me smile and say....OKAAAYYY!

#2 however, think I would have to say no to that one. I agree with Sue. Sort of does stink! That notion reminds me of a book the 6th graders would read. I can't remember the title, darn it! Hey all you teachers, help me out. It is about a spring (water). If you drank the water you received eternal life. Now there's lots of problems with that. You have to watch everyone else move 'on', you know?

Oh heck, you guys don't care about the theme of that book, anyway. Just hope someone comes up with the title though. It is really buggin me.


YEA....thought of the title - Tuck Everlasting - good book, BTW. About 6th grade level.

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OK, I'll be the one to say I'd take the "stinky" pill. After all, one year is nothing compared to forever.

Ever see the movie "Groundhog Day"? Very funny, but also makes you think. That's why I'd go for immortality. I don't think I'd ever get bored - always something new to learn.

Also, think of this - how many here go through torture (chemo, raditation) for just the CHANCE of a little more time? The day of Gamma Knife for my mom was something which could not be done to a criminal ("cruel and unusual", for sure), yet she was more than willing to try it. At one point, Mom was considering stem cell replacement (essentially super-chemo and then therapy with her own previously harvested stem cells to reconstruct her immune system). It would have been a horribly grueling, risky procedure which would have debilitated her for six to twelve months. Yet had she been eligible (she failed her cardio test), she would have done it without hesitation. She wanted to LIVE and LIVE LONGER!

So continual runs for a year? I could do that in exchange for the promise of forever. No question. Another thing; knowing pain will end for sure helps us endure. Helped me get through 3 induced labors. I don't know if I'd gamble on the CHANCE of immortality, but with a sure bet...that's another story.

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Sure, I am going to think outside the box here. I don't see anything that says you cannot take immodium. Hey Kasey I am gaining weight like crazy too. I have not had chemo medication since September. The oncologist said the weight gain is a result of the medication and the fact that I am 57 years old. He said that I have to work it off through exercise. Oh well guess I bettter get started...tomorrow...after lunch...no, after dinner.

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