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Going to be away after this week


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I must be away for a while for a surgery on the 24th. Before I leave I will try to wrap things up such as e-mails and the Ask the Experts forum.

There are several questions that need answers that I will try to provide thru research and informational links.

If you haven't seen Dr. Cunningham's post in the A.T.E. forum, please take a minute to read it. His schedules at the hospital/research center have changed and also he and his fmaily experienced a bad house fire. All of these factors will limit his availability to us for a while and until we get other Experts regularly on board, we have to be patient.

Anyway, If you don't "see" me after this week, you will know why! E-mails and correspondence should be redirected to Rick@lchelp.com or a forum moderator.


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