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Ask the Experts- no volunteers at this time


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Here is a post from the ATE forum. Many of us may have missed it, but it will expain why there haven't been any answers there lately.

Thank you and I appreciate your patience as we try to get volunteers to help in this forum.

Hi to everyone. One of this site's members saw me the other day and told me there has been some concern because I haven't posted to the forum in awhile. My apologies. Two things happened. The first is a change in my schedule at the Mary Crowley Research Center. The result is that I am not there as often but when I am, it is VERY busy and there is little opportunity to answer posted questions. The second event was a fire at my house a few weeks before Christmas. Fortunately, my family all got out and no one was injured. However, the damage was fairly extensive and included my internet access. Therefore, most days I am simply unable to access this forum. I hope this state of affairs won't last long. In the meantime, I'm sure the other doctors in this section will be happy to answer any questions.

Regards to all,

Casey Cunningham MD


1999 - Present Associate Director,

Mary Crowley Research Center, Sammons Cancer Center


1999 - Present Staff Physician, Baylor University Medical Center, Dallas, Texas

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thank you, Katie.

I have been so very appreciative of all the hard and selfless work that Dr. C has been doing to help us here at LCSC.

I hope that he can soon get his home under control. What a difficult tragic event for any family.

Best wishes Dr. C, for a speedy and pain free recovery from this trauma. So glad no one was hurt! I will miss your caring and smart replies.

Cindi o'h

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