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Connie Update 1/9/06


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Just spoke to Connie- they have moved her from ICU into a real room now. Things are going relatively smoothly and as well as can be expected. She is still having BP issues and there is some question about something on her right atrium, but this is all the news I have to report right now! They estimate another week in the hospital if all is well.

Good News!

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Thanks so much for your updates Katie. I had a wonderful suprise on my answering machine! It was Connie! She left her number so I called her back and got to chat. The nurse was coming back at 5 pm to take her for her first real good walk. Supper is served at 6:30, because she is new to the floor, she said she didn't get to choose so she has no idea what they will send. Tomorrow she gets to pick. She just sounded wonderful! Donna G

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I haven't been around for over 2 years but tonight decided to check out the board. I had some time finding it...and when I did, I was dismayed to see that Connie had to have surgery again!

I'm so glad to hear things are going good for her. Please give her my love when you talk to her Katie.


Shannon from South Dakota

P.S. This picture is of the grandson my husband never got to see. Micah, born 2-4-2005.

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