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What wonderful news to hear! It is truly amazing to me the strength so many of us here can gather to continue the fight. You dear Mama has just outdone herself. It is good to hear the seeds could be planted. And I am remaining VERY hopeful about those pesky little things spotted as well.

Spend some time with Mom. Then go home and get a good rest!



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HA HA-me too Patty. Doubtful though bc he called me after his 10am visit this morning and said "Your mom is better, she has already started her sh..".

I said, she's entitled and we hung up. I can't help it, but she is about as frail as anything and barely with it and he takes something personally that she said! While I was there, she was much more with it than yesterday and she was demanding, but she needs to be. She had to go potty, she was thirsty, etc.

My uncle who loves her dearly and she looks up to him said that this surgery is a blessing in disguise bc there will finally be professionals to help and encourage her. He also said that people will be more involved in her life bc they will not have to call the house and get through SF's attitude.

Granted, SF gets a break and maybe that will help him in time, but I see how he has acted the past few days and he is so much happier not having to deal with caretaking for mom. His sister is in town and they are going to every nice new restaurant in the city, yet he threw a fit last time mom was in the hospital bc I offered to go out to get her a few cheap sweatsuits that would fit her evergrowing body. He also threw a huge fit bc she wanted to get my boys a Christmas gift. Sickens me.

I have been relishing in mom's recovery and I am very blessed, I know that. I have just been building up bad feelings toward SF these past few days and needed to vent-thanks for letting me do it here. XOXOXOXOOX me

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