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What a day!


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Today is my day to have a pity party, I called my sister in England this afternoon and as soon as she answered the phone I said "I don't feel very well". No hello, no greeting whatsoever just straight into the whine.

You see I have a cold! Albeit day 5 of this blasted cold that appears to be turning into the flu.

I've coughed my way through 5 days, it's not in my chest (thank goodness) just a tickle in my throat that has made me cough enough to be hoarse. Tonight my nose has been connected to the faucet.

Why, you may ask, is this person writing on a lung cancer support board about having a cough and cold?

Why? Because I've obviously turned a corner.......I'm no longer a lung cancer paitient fighting for my life I'm WHINING about having a COLD!!

I've whined to everyone today, my husband isn't so sympathetic tonight as he was this morning so I guess it's time to stop and get on with things.

During tx I didn't whine, I usually downplayed feeling crappy, but not today. I've told anyone who would listen and some who wouldn't how awful I feel. I could get used to this!

I turned into the person I hate to speak to when they're sick, but now it's almost Tuesday so my day of wallowing is over.

No matter how awful I feel tomorrow I will not harp on it....no more whining! Felt good for a change but enough is enough, I'm going back to being my usual charming witty self!

As I laid in bed just now. unable to sleep, I started to smile.........I've gone past being a cancer patient!


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Did you hear the latest news - cough syrup doesn't work, coughs are usually caused by post nasal drip (one of the more romantic diseases). The news says use benadryl type product.

But, how wonderful to be complaining about a cold. Hope you feel better, they sure can drag you down.

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Geri...it's OK to complain! I'm just thankful that it's another "C" word that you're complaining about. I know how you feel. I suffered through this cold-thingy during Christmas and it was no picnic. To make matters worse, I was off from work when this thing hit me like a Mac truck! Mine started with a sore throat which lasted 3-4 days. Then came the congestion. Then came the cough from the post nasal drip! Actually, I think there was a touch of a stomach bug thrown in there also. So...my dear, you have plenty reason to whine!!! This is no fun at all!

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Listen, hon, you just come right here tomorrow if you want to continue that pity party. I will put my feet up and get right into with you. Nice to pity ourselves over the 'regular' stuff other people do, huh? So I think that calls for a visit to the pub. I bet Miss Cidi has something to knowck that cold into Timbuktu!!!!! I'll be having the same.


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