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Rob's coming home after 49 Days!!!


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My husband battles after his lobectomy on Jun 26 hopefully are coming to an end. It sounds like he will be discharged tomorrow, if the fluid levels in his lungs stay at the current level. He had to have a PIC line put in yesterday (due to the bacterial infection he contracted from having a chest tube soooo long) so he can receive long term antibiotics. They also have to reassess his need for oxygen. The kidney specialist has put him on a restricted fluid regimen, because his body just keep producing or hanging on to fluid, which why I believe he has problems breathing. Then yesterday on of the doctors said he has some emphysema, how does one have some emphysema??? along with lung cancer??

The bacterial infection took him for a loop, I thought he was dying from cancer as he was wasting away. He has lost over 50 pounds, they want him to eat over 2400 calories a day. I am sure his chemo follow-up will be put off for awhile. The home health nurses will be taking care of him at home for awhile. However they infectious disease doctor and the surgeon are stressing if he gets a fever, or more fluid builds up where the bacterial infection is located, he will have to have another surgery to remove the surrounding tissue. Please pray this doesn't happen. Does anyone know of any other lung cancer patient that developed a bacterial infection????

I believe he will heal better being home at least mentally he will get better and I will cook all the fattening things I can to get weight back on him. When you are stronger mentally, you get better physically. This has been a nightmare for the both of us I am sooooo thankful it has ended and we can get on with our war against this awful disease!!!!

Thanks for your prayers, however, don't stop them, we all need them constantly.

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SOOOOO glad Rob is going to be home...there is no place like it, that's for sure, so now he'll be in comfortable, familiar surroundings and that should facilitate additional improvement. What a scary odessy his operation turned into! Here's a toast to fattening foods and lazy days of recovery *clink*. Will be praying for you guys.

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YEA !!!, So glad for the two of ya, :):):) , I think your right, we heal better at home. You both have had a real tuff go of it. Don't worry, the prayers are still coming.

God bless and stay well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

" absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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The doctors let him come home Wednesday evening after he was given his evening antibiotics and waited for a portable O2 tank to transport him home with. I left another message in the General category, that applies to our homecoming and my thanks to you all for your support. Please read it there as I have to get me some shut eye as I did not get much last night.

Blessings and thanks to you all for your words of encouragement, information, and overall support. May God continue to hear your prayers as we pray for ourselves and each other.

As Ever,


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