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Alan Oncology appointment today


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well we celebrated 1 year survival, where else but the Dr.s office :roll:

we went over Alan's follow up brain MRI he had on

dec. 27th. No sign of cancer :D:D

Some progression of radiation scarring due to WBR

and Alan has loss of hearing in his left ear that

is probably permanent. we can deal with this.

He was not able to take 4 deep breaths, made about 2.5 and some of his blood work was out of whack

but all this is to be expected and nothing of major


Alan asked his dr about the possiblity of going back

to work, Dr. Mahmood gently told him to find a hobby.

Alan has worked construction his whole life and with

the brain tumor and brain radiation the risk is too

great. :(

Alan comes from the old school of thought and my

supporting the family does not go over very easily,

but our situation is what it is and we are making

the best of it.

Alan has a CT scan of his chest next month to see

if the original tumor site has grown any more or

stablized. I live my life in 6 week intervals.

So good news all around for us today, I pray for

continued hope and good health for everyone else.

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Debbie so glad to hear the good news about Alan, you guys must be soooo relieved.

Continued good news on his upcoming CT.

Any Ideas on what kind of hobby for him. If he does not have one, then maybe we could give some suggestions. :D

Maryanne :wink:

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