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Geeting to Know You - January 11


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Wow...isn't it amazing how much we can learn about each other just from seeing what magazines they read.


Real Simple

Taste of Home


Better Homes & Gardens


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Hmmmmm......this is so telling....



Body and Soul

MORE (women's mag for the 40+ woman!)

Kiplingers (supposed to be taking over Jim's

investment chores but these tend to pile up


I'm constantly letting some lapse, take others, renew some, etc......

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Well gee i could list all the mag's i did not renew but let's save that for another time...

1. The Week Magazine (the most balanced mag i've ever read)

2.Reader's Digest soon, as they made a subcription deal i could'nt refuse...

There's about 5 i did not renew as i just could not justify the cost....

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Guidepost and Light & Tasty--haven't made any of the recipes in there yet, but they sure sound good! Mom likes reading the Guideposts when I'm done, so we have a bonus program there! The kiddos and DH get other (Teen People, SI for Kids, Nat'l Gergraphic World, SI). It's these darn school magazine drives that get us!

:) Kelly

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