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Any body else having Platelet Problem's.???


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Wife was unable to recieve treatment this week due to low platelet's. This is the second time in a row this has happened. She recieved 2 bag's of platelet's about 3 week's ago and this week her count was only 12,000. They had her go back to lab and do a blue cap blood test for her platelet's.The nurse said that she is not sure as to why she is having trouble rebuilding her platelet count's.So thought i would check in to the gang here and see what experiences you all have had....Larry

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Larry, Dennis did have some problems with this. We had to postpone chemo several times because of this. Sorry to hear your wife is having a problem. Hope things get straightened out soon.

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I think it's the treatment that causes low platelets sometimes, Larry. I had them low a couple times and had rapid heart beat along with it. Blood transfusion helped alot and then I was able to have chemo again.

Maybe waiting a week will help.

Check her heart rate a couple times a day and if it shoots up, then it is time to call the doctor.

Cindi o'h

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