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From Me to You......


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I Wish”

I wish you a shaft of sunlight on the gloomiest of days.

I wish you a long, lazy morning with breakfast in bed.

I wish that no matter how much it rains, your socks never get wet.

I wish you a kiss in the moonlight from someone you love.

I wish you always get a seat by a window.

I wish you patience, because sometimes the world will insist on

walking when you want to run.

I wish you the chance to abandon the fear of dancing badly at weddings.

I wish you a good memory, except for grievances.

I wish you rainbows and fireworks.

I wish that no matter how old you are, at least once a year

you splash in a puddle.

I wish that you never fear failure, for doing so makes it hard to succeed.

I wish that you’re never the last to laugh.

I wish you a mountain to climb and the will to climb it.

I wish you passion.

I wish you the vision that lets you see the good in others and the faults in yourself.

I wish that you know where the fuse box whenever the lights go out.

I wish you heroes.

I wish that when you’re blessed with old age, you have memories to feast on and a mind that’s still hungry.

I wish that no matter how tall you walk, you never look down on those around you.

I wish you the strength to face your fears, to recognize them as part of yourself, and still move on.

I wish that you find your own path through the forest.

I wish you courage.

I wish that once a year, you ditch work early and go see a movie in the afternoon.

I wish you laugh lines, not wrinkles.

I wish you the sense to laugh at the world and all it’s absurdities, and the wisdom to laugh at yourself before others do.

I wish that you see that beauty lies in the shadows as well as in the sun.

I wish that you can feel my hand in yours whenever you need it.

I wish you a home as welcoming as a mother’s embrace.

I wish that you always have one wish left.

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