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Well I got the ok for six physical therapy visits, starting tomorrorw. They want to work on my right shoulder area. I'm glad the ok went thru fairly quickly because after they send you home you really need follow up sometimes and it can take forever for all this paperwork. I'm doing pretty well otherwise. Brian will need a vacation soon! :) He says he never realized how much work it is to keep a house running. Laundry, shopping, cooking. He is just the best. I'm a very lucky person. Thanks again to all of you for your prayers and support. Truly saved my life.

Joanie ((()))

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Great to hear you are coming along, Joanie! Our men certainly ARE amazing, huh? You have a GREAT guy - as I do.

I sure hope the PT is helpful and gets you back doing 'stuff' real soon. That 'stuff' doesn't necessarily mean cooking, laundry, and cleaning though :lol: !

Love having you back, Joanie. It just feels right now.



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Great to hear that you are coming along so well! I'm also glad to hear that you have such a great guy taking care of things while you get better. I hope the PT does wonders for you. I'm still sending hugs your way and saying prayers for you and Brian.

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