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Didn't start chemo today after all


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Well, went up to the onc prepared for a full day of chemo (portable DVD player, Seinfeld DVDs, books, etc.) and Dr. Witta took one look at me and said "You need to recover from that Dexadrone! Let's not start the chemo till next Tuesday and you go home and rest up."

He said he thought giving me 24mg of steroids since Dec. 5 was way too much, way too long. I think he was pretty upset with the radiologist.

My legs are so weak - I've gained almost 20 pounds since Dec. 5! :roll: I have to really work hard to push myself up to standing and my leg went out from under me today and I went down on my behind. Mark had to lift me up to standing. :roll:

Still can't taste much - I can't bear to watch pizza commercials! But it will all go away day by day and I'll feel and look like myself by early February.

Mark is so upset to see me like this - just breaks him up. But we'll get through it. It just "inhales profusely!"

So I am a lady of leisure for the next week. Will be back here every day.

Just catching you up,


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I am so sad to read this news. Wow! That's a LOT of Decadron. Don't understand why they put you on so much. I am glad your doctor got angry with the radiation onc. That is way way too much. I know each person is individual but this is just not right. Did you have that much swelling in the brain? I am taking .5mg daily and that is it. Even when I had surgery to remove 2cm tumor, max was 5mg for one day then down to 2mg daily for 3 months...

I pray you get rid of this stuff in your system quickly... It takes time to be weaned off of it, can't just stop it. Too many side effects.

Please keep us posted and share what kind of meds and treatments you are getting so we can share our experience with you. Not saying we are the experts, but maybe we can help you research and compare what may work. Better to start on lower dose and increase instead of high dose and hard to eliminate from the body. Thinking of your best interests. We are here for you. :wink:

Prayers and hugs,


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Oh Leslie,

I could share some very intersting stories about Alan and Decadron!!!! :evil: In fact it put him in the psych ward for a while it made him so crazy. at one point he was convinced he was frozen and would not eat anything until I defrosted him :roll:

His Dr and I were talking about the effects it had on Alan just on Monday, Dr. Mahmood said he had never seen a reaction that bad. :? Probably could write a paper about it.

so hurry up and get off the stuff!!!

Happy to see you back on the board. I missed you.

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Leslie...sorry you're having such a rough time of things right now. I'm praying that things improve really soon. Just kick back and enjoy this well needed break. We'll love having you around for a week!

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Get your strength back as you will need it. Sorry for all the dissapointment you are going through. But before you know it you will be listening to your CD's and Seinfield tapes.

Thinking of you,

Maryanne :wink:

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Hope this break brings you the much needed relief so chemo can get underway. Treatments certainly do 'inhale profusely' - I know exactly what you mean.

It's good to know the onc is on top of this situation. Hope you are back to being the 'real' you soon. Miss you lots!



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