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Yep, just gotta love that Dr.!!!!! Brain MRI....good. PET/CT....good. Chest x-ray....good. All bloodwork....good!

AND....TA DA! He and his team are putting together a website for NIH. He picked ME to be photographed with him today to be the poster girl!!!! I am SO upset because today was the first day I did NOT wear my wig. I wanted Fred to go to the car and get it out of the suitcase. But Doc said "NO....I want you the way you are." Gotta just love 'em. And I sure do!

So - good news to report. Fred and I are smiling and can now live our lives for 3 whole months more. Does it get any better than this?????

We got to see mhutch (MaryAnn), and she was good enough to send us back to the hotel with some yummy snacks. It's great to have good people in the right places, you know?

Thank you all, for the good thoughts and prayers. I KNOW they make a difference for me.



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This is the best news!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so happy for you, NED surely is the best friend to have isn't he?

Celebrate, celebrate.........who cares about a wig, you're doing okay and now everyone will know it.

I can now go to sleep with a smile on my face (and we know how hard that is when you're suffering from a cold like mine!!!!)

love that news,


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This is AWESOME news!!! I'm so happy for you . Like Charlie D. said ... "we want pictures" Do we get to see the poster girl? Actually, we don't need to see you to know that you are beautiful. You are one of the most beautiful people I know. Take care. You and Fred meet us at Cindi's ... This round is on me.



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Kasey! Yippee! I was wondering why I couldn't go to sleep yet tonight. I signed on and now that I have read the most wonderful news, I finally feel a little more normal and will head for sleepytime with a big smile! I hope we get to see you as a celebrity on the website.

Missed you!


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Thank you God for answering our prayers!

Kasey, I am so very happy for you and Fred! I know that this news lifts a great burden from your shoulders! YES!!!! This news has made my day! I had already said "Happy Thursday" to someone this morning but really had no idea why. Now, I know why today is Happy Thursday!

A poster girl....I'm really impressed! Very proud of you. The doctor certainly has good taste.

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