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Need Iressa "good news" stories


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Heard from my doctor that there is a patient taking Iressa 1 year ago (the patient had failed chemo & radiation and then tried Iressa), and is still doing good now. I saw the patient two times, and he looks so good. The nurse told me that he even can't walk last year (because bony met seriously), now he can doing exercise and have a walk every morning.

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My Mom is 76 and her lung tumor was the size of a grapefruit. After chemo and radiaiton failed she began Iressa in June. She immediately felt really really good. She even went back to work part time. On Wed dr told her in comparing her xrays it looks like tumor has shrunk. She is not feeling too well now, but I am hoping it is just a cold or maybe something to do with acid reflux from the radiaiton.

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