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exrtaordinary experiences


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Now and again we touch on a subject that is very important to all of us. Those experiences we have that tell us that our loved on is still with us. They can't take away the pain of loss but they can give us hope and comfort for a while.

I think the hardest thing for me was telling myself that Johnny was gone. I just couldn't see how anyone with such a strong personality could just cease to exisit. The experiences that I had went a long way toward helping me though the roughest times. Likewise reading that others have had similar experiences reinforces my knowledge that he is not really gone. That he does still exist.

I had no idea that so many people had had those experiences until I finally got brave enough to share some of what had happened to me. I was so afraid everyone whould just think I was a nut case :!:

I'm not sure that it is something that could be done or what it would entail but I am wondering if maybe we couldn't have a forum just for sharing those special things. If one did exist would some of you who have held back mentioning them be more willing to share what you have experienced and do you think it would be another tool to help get through the pain of loss?

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