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Dana Reeve, alive and SINGING


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wow. so my favorite sports figure of all time had his number retired last night at Madison Square Garden. unbelievably, my father scored us tickets and we were there, watching the festivities. it was powerful enough, before the surprise seranade...

apparently, Mark Messier was good friends with Christopher and Dana Reeve. I know Christopher was a life-long Rangers' fan. anyway, Dana comes out...she looked incredible. those of us who 'know' saw the telltale signs of rigorous chemo, and she was very thin (which she may always have been) but she came out and SANG an incredibly beautiful song for Mess, a/k/a "The Captain", while pictures of his career and of him with her late husband flashed overhead.

it was incredible. yes, they IDd her as fighting lung cancer, and there she was, SURVIVING and SINGING. I loved it. it made an already incredible night for me a little more magic.



(slight edit: I love Mark Messier, the Captain, as much as love Muhammed Ali, the Greatest, so I guess they're both my 'favorite'. just wanted to be clear. 8)

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Hi Bunny,

Sounds like a great time. My nephew was signed with the Philadelphia Kixx's(pro soccer)in November.

Went to see his first game with about 20 family members. When they announced him it was one of the proud moments of my life.

He started playing soccer when her was 4 because his lungs were so bad. Dr. told my brother to get him running and he hasn't been off the field yet. Bawled my eyes out. No lung problems at all now and

graduated Temple Univ. w/a 3.8 average. Go Steve.


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