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Guest akmaryann

I was feeling some relief since I had talked to the doctor until my husband had his appointment with the oncologist this week. She told him that she would not be able to give him any more pills and then continued to tell him about the letter that she had received from the other doctor. When I got home from work he asked me when I had seen the doctor last and I said that I had seen him about 3 weeks before. Well that explains it he said...'cause he couldn't figure out how a doctor who hadn't seen him since July was able to say that he was taking too many drugs. He was really nasty as you can expect. She had just told an addict that she wasn't going to be able to give him any more drugs. Well, he went out and got alcohol twice that night and I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. In the morning I got on the phone to the Social worker at the hospital who I was talking to and told her what had happened. She couldn't believe that the doctor had offered so much information and asked if she could call the oncologist for me to tell her the situation she had put me in and I was more than happy for her to do that. Well, she obviously did because yesterday the oncologist's office called here and told my husband that he has 2 appointments next week. 1 is with a pain management doctor and the other is with a psychologist. He said he didn't know why he should see a psychologist because he wasn't depressed. I told him that I guess he better go and find out. I think he knows he's been busted. So, though this started out to be a scary week I am kind of thinking that he isn't feeling like he has all the control anymore. I will let you know what happens at his appointments next week. Also, they have scheduled the next MRI on his brain for February 6th.

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