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getting nervous again


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I hate getting stuck and the techs can never find a vein. They also tell my husband to stay in the waiting room when he stands to go in with me....

Well, hubby goes in with me and then I ask for a nurse. If they ignore me, my itty bitty husband basically demands one...

It ain't fun, I'm out of treatment and on to scans every four months and I DREAD the needles more than anything else I had to go through. I'm a big baby...

Bottom line, ask nicely for a nurse, and don't let them bully you out of it.


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I was watching TV the other day and I can't even remember why this was said, but the tip was,that when getting a shot or having a needle put in, if you cough just prior to the insertation of the needle you will feel no pain. I know don't if it works, but it might be worth trying. I would make sure and tell the nurse/tech what you are going to do before the procedure so that they are expecting the cough.

I've been thinking about you. You seem like a sweet and gentle person.

Hope everythng works out for the best.


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Oh Marie..

Like jimben said, you have come a long way! I remember the feelings you are having right now. I was just tired and worn out from the whole process.

The feeling of "I don't want to do this anymore" is not uncommon.

You're almost there. If you want to cry, cry. If you want to pout, pout.

Then when Monday comes, get to your appointments and tell everyone you can think of how you are feeling or felt. Who knows? These feelings may have left you by then.

We are rooting for you! You are doing a good job!

Cindi o'h

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Hi Marie, I know how you feel. My veins are junk also. My last MRI had to be stopped because after 6 tries they couldn't get the contrast injected.

I made an appointment with my chemo nurse to put in a line, tape it up and then I went over to finish the MRI. Chemo nurses are used to bad veins all day, every day.

I was also told to drink lots of water before hand, that may help. Just hang in there and it will be over before you know it. When they have to stick me more than once I don't hesitate to cry if I feel like it.


Nancy B

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Marie -

I'll be thinking about you! If you are going to keep going with "needle type" treatment (i.e. chemo, multiple scans, etc) - you may want to consider getting a port. It was the BEST thing that my mom did....the fear of needles (her veins were terrible) was greater than anything she encountered. Once we got the port, those fears went away.

I have faith that your results will be positive.

All my love,


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Hi -

They should be able to use it for the dye...at least they did for my mom. Sometimes if you have to get a scan somewhere other than where they do chemo, etc -- they don't have a tech who knows how to use the huber needle (needed for the port) -- yet if the scan is at the same place you get chemo -- DEFINITELY have a nurse come do it. Your veins are the last thing you should have to worry about.



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