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how much wieght loss before too serious

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Mom starts radiation this week again ..hope all will be well . dr says will be sick and nauseaus mom already down to 109 now and looking very pale and fragile :cry: really nervous if she starts to feel nauseas eating will not be on the top of her lists we have to practically force her to eat or drink her supplement meals now ...man everything about this is so scary ....we are all so brave and strong for dealing with this awful illness and the patients themselves I deam as true heros for enduring this no matter what the end result seems to be...


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Please go to the Small Cell Forum and read the sticky post near the top that says, "What I did to fight Small Cell Lung Cancer". He has some excellent ideas on how to keep nutrition going. You may want to print it out for your mom (I know she has NSCLC but this post will help).

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Eating and drinking are both very important. Try and offer small amounts often rather than large meals. I think the sight of too much food at one time can be overwhelming. Boost is a great way of getting calories and nutrients. I used to add ice cream to the boost and make shakes....even more calories. Try to keep a glass of liquid by her side at all times. This way, she can drink whenever she feels even the slightest bit of thirst. If she looses her appetite, you can ask the doctor for some meds that will stimulate her appetite.

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