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Getting to know you January 15


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Ummm wow..

1- Set up a fund for each of my kids.

2- Donate/ Give away 1-2 million.

3- Buy real estate.- a winter place in South Carolina.

4- Remodel my house.

5- Invest the rest.

6- Hire a co-director for my company and go to minimal part time hours.

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Ten million (Is this after taxes or before)


500,000 to my momma

500,000 to my daddy

500,000 to lung cancer research

500,000 to each my sisters (totaling 1.5 million)

500,000 to my mother in law

1 million in a trust for my son

1 million to my church

250,000 to my step brothers (totaling 500,000)

250,000 to my brother and sis in law( totaling 500,000)

Invest 1 million

500,000 to my best friend

100,000 to each of her family (totaling 300,000)

1 million to me and my hubby

500,000 to LCSC

Start a private music school with the rest

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10,000,000? Here goes in no particular order:

1. Set up a trust for my children

2. Set up a scholarship fund for medical students specializing in Lung Cancer Research.

3. Renovate my house

4. Renovate my Dad's house

5. Hire a full time housekeeper, cook, personal trainer and chauffeur.

6. Start a small patient advocacy business whereby trained professionals (paid for by insurance or the state)would be contracted to accompany patients to their office visits and to advocate for the patient in insurance matters.

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Okay...here goes..

Donate to the church..

Donate to LC research..

Pay all my families bills..

Set up a trust for my daughter..

Buy a house on the water in Florida..

Get a BOOB job so my bathing suit looks good!! :D

Buy a Corvette.. :wink:

Invest the left over money..

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I had to think about this one a while. We always say what we would do if we had the money but I wanted to really think about it seriously. So this is what I came up with.

After I picked myself up off the floor :!:

The first thing I would do would be to plan and extended visit with my family.

I would pay my bills and then buy a house. Not a really big house but one that I could be comfortable in a little closer to town but not too far from here. I would want about an acre so I could have some fruit trees and plan the landscaping myself. I woule hire a garder just to do the heavy work because I love working outside with plants. (This is what Johnny told me he would do for me if he ever won the lotery)

I would buy a new car. Nothing extravagant maybe a Saturn or another Buick.

I would give each of my children and grandchildren some of the money.

I would plan my dream cruise up the inside passage in Alaska and take my family with me because I doubt it would be as much fun alone.

I would make a sizable donation to LCHC and put some away for a rainy day.

I would also like to start a memorial foundation in Johnny's name. I would want to set up an alternative to Hospice. Somewhere where both patients and caregivers would be able to get all that hospice offers without giving up their right to continue fighting for their lives. I have seen too many people give up the battle just because they can not afford the things to make them comfortable while they battle cancer.

As for my job I would keep it. I would cut my hours back drastically but I would still want to work some because I love what I do. I know there is a big need for people like me who really care about these people and want to help.

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Wow!! If i had 10,000,000 smacker's, Well being as it will never happen but still if it ever did i would like to think i'd be very Charitible period..Best i can do gang as having that much money to do with what ever i want to me is almost incomprehensible.....

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$10 M....

$1 M to LUNG CANCER research for a cure.

Pay off all the bills...and add all the bells and whistles to my house that we didn't plan when we bought it, like a heated toilet seat that opens and closes with a remote control.

Build a freakin' moat around my house and fill it with starvin' 'gators (I'll have to knit 'em sweaters for the winter).

Hire a personal trainer and a chef who cooked healthy, yummy and low-cal meals for me to keep me at a good weight - like Oprah has!

Travel with the family, including the dog. Help out my parents, my brother and put some in a trust for all the kids...

I don't know if I'd quit my job, but my attitude would sure change! LOL

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I would go part time at work.(I wouldn't be able to quit, I like what I do to much!)

Pay off all my bills.

Make a trust fund for my two boys.(I think they should pay for most of their college)It would be their reward for after they got out of school.

Buy a house, on the ocean, in Grand Cayman, because I will want to be close to my money!

Donate to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and to Lung Cancer Research.

Buy my husband the Harley of his dreams

Get a maid(I would pay her very well, because she will be doing what I hate most! HOUSE WORK!)

And last, probably invest.

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