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Iressa Alert

Don Wood

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Hi, folks! Well, Lucie is a bit better tonight. We now believe the Iressa she was taking caused or contributed to her pneumonia. There is some doculmentation on the FDA website that this can be a side effect in small percentages of cases. It is supposed to be reversible. She has been taken off the Iressa and given steroids. Hopefully, in the next several days, she should show some improvement. Keep the prayers coming. My three kids and a list of church people we know are manning the room so Lucie is not alone. She is out of ICU and into a regular room and was scared she wouldn't get the attention she needed at any time. So we are manning her room with "gofers". Things WILL get better. Don

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Thinking of you both and sending prayers your way. I'm glad you have lots of folks who can take turns staying with Lucie so she isn't in the hospital alone. Hopefully she will be on the mend very soon.

I am sorry she has had problems with Iressa. You're correct in that there are cases reported where the patient develops interstitial pneumonia, but it is-fortunately-a rare complication, and typically involves both lungs as opposed to one lung.

Hope she is able to come home to you very soon, Don.

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For those of you following our saga, Lucie is back in ICU, but that is a good thing. She is off the Iressa, on steroids and oxygen, and slowly improving. It will take many days, maybe even two weeks to get clear. But the prognosis is shinier today and earlier. She is resting well, eating some (really likes Smoothies!) and breathing oh so much better. Thanks for your continued support, caring, concern and prayers. Me, I'm doing okay. Don

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Don, I am so glad that Lucie is improving. I know that in China they had concerns regarding a type of pnemonia that seemed to be linked to the Iressa. They had alot of problems with it and it seemed to be linked to the Iressa, but I don't know that they ever came to a final conclusion.

You and Lucie have been and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care, we are here for you. Deb

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