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Cookbooks---thanks for all your orders!


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Hi everyone,

I want to thank everyone for their contribution to our cookbook, and for your orders!!

I had ordered 600 and have only a little bit over 100 left in my garage. (Katie and Ry took some to sell, they may have some left too)

While I only listed the names of the editors/typists in the cookbook itself b/c I did not have room to thank everyone who contributed, I really appreciate the input of everyone.

Thanks to all of you, LCSC has received $1,000. And I will be sending Katie another $500 shortly, and it looks like a bit more thereafter. (I recouped my out of pocket costs of about $3,500 already).

Keep the orders coming and if we run out, we can either order more to be published, or do a second installment :)

Thanks one and all!

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Hi Andrea,

I'm glad you mentioned the cookbooks.

I just received mine....have been meaning to order them since they were available. Anyway, as others have mentioned, they really turned out great.

(Really loved the poem in the front)

Thanks again for all your hardwork!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

Warm Hugs,


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