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Book Interviews- Stories of Hope


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Remember a long time ago when an author came to our site and asked if anyone was interested in speaking to him about a book he was writing? Well at least two of our members did~ Rich (dadstimeon) and Dean Carl, and the book has been published! Both of their interviews are included. It's called, "Cancer, How will I Get Through This, stories of hope from survivors and caregivers." I can't wait to read it. I spoke with Dean's wife Gay today and she said the book is wonderful and she is very happy to have Dean's words included. It was wonderful of Rich and Dean to take the time to work on this. This is a link to the book on Amazon.com:

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/searc ... x=9&Go.y=5

Book Description

While most cancer patients and caregivers recognize the destructive physical nature of cancer, few realize the psychological and emotional challenges that this disease may present. Cancer — How Will I Get Through This? Stories of Hope From Survivors and Caregivers is a collection of short vignettes and accounts from a number of cancer survivors and caregivers who have dealt with a wide variety of cancers. Through the telling of their stories, they reveal the psychological and emotional challenges they faced and overcame, challenges that are common to others dealing with the disease (for example, dealing with the fear of a recurrence and experiencing anxiety about starting chemotherapy).

The book makes no attempt to advise readers to deal with their challenges in the same way as the survivors in the book. Instead, it allows readers to draw their own conclusions and apply them to their personal situations, ultimately enabling them to gain insight into their own struggles and to emerge with hope and confidence as they realize that they, too, can triumph over similar challenges.

Two of the most important features of the book are its uplifting tone and the ease with which readers will be able to relate to the stories. First, the tone is such that, whenever a problem is presented, it is followed by the survivors' and caregivers' solutions to these problems. This concentration on what people can do, instead of what they can't, allows the book to deal with hard-hitting topics while bringing a message of hope to the readers.

Second, readers can easily relate to the stories of these survivors and caregivers because they are told by ordinary people who have dealt with a wide range of cancers (everything from malignant brain tumors to breast cancer; from non-Hodgkin's lymphoma to leukemia), and who come from different backgrounds (from an impoverished mother living in rural Kansas to a successful businessman in New York City) and age groups (ranging from thirteen to sixty-five years old).

In addition, the layout of the book makes it especially easy to read. Each chapter in the book contains short vignettes on a central theme. For example, there are chapters that deal with the diagnosis, first steps (the time before starting treatment), treatment, finding support, specific caregiver issues, and an inspirational "in retrospect" section where the survivors and caregivers look back on their experiences and offer a final message of support. This format effectively holds the interest of readers and easily accommodates any need to access information on a particular topic.

Cancer — How Will I Get Through This? is certain to be both a benefit and an inspiration to cancer patients and their loved ones.

About the Author

Kevin Molloy has always had a passion for writing and journalism. After undertaking various successful writing projects, his honors thesis won a national honors society award, amongst hundreds of entries from top universities across the nation. Inspired to take on another project utilizing his talents in journalism, research and writing, Molloy turned his attention to interviewing cancer survivors and writing about their experiences in overcoming a variety of challenges during their battles with the disease. He is currently pursuing an advanced degree from Duke University.

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Thanks Rochelle for mentioning the book. It was an honor and a privilege to be a part of it. Kevin did a great job and hopefully it well do well for him as well in helping people with all forms of cancer and there caregivers. Also nice that Dean was able to leave a part of him for his family and friends to read.


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Hi everyone,

I am the author of the book and I just wanted to thank everyone on the board who has been so supportive of the project. I want to mention that another LCSC member was interviewed for the book - MO_Sugar.

Once again, thank you all for your support and enthusiasm about the book.


Kevin Molloy

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I did try to find this at the bookstore last night (Barnes & Noble).

I figured if anyone would be carrying it they would. The sales woman told me they didn't have it and she didn't know if they would be in the future.

Kevin...if you are checking this post, could you let us know if it is only available online???



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