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Signs from Mom??


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I know I am not losing my mind.....I asked my mom to give me a sign that she was ok after she was gone....

My mom was always going to be Nana to Caroline (her mom was Nana to me, and her mom was Nana to my mom, etc.) The day before my mom's memorial, I realized I had nothing to wear (having just had a baby, etc.) I went to Nordstrom around 7 p.m. and pretty much broke down in tears, overwhelmed by everything. I gave up looking for a dress and ventured to the shoes. I looked at a grouping of Via Spiga shoes (my mom's favorites) and on the table I saw a pair of funky, floral wedges (makes no sense for January in Utah) yet I was atracted to them. I thought "how strange that Via Spiga has a floral shoe out in winter." I picked up the shoe and it was a brand I had never seen before -- NA (graphic of heart) NA. How can this be? I left the store and came back...I really did see what I thought I saw.

Secondly, when Caroline was about a week old, I had her dressed in a yellow hat, green onesy and a lavender blanket and my mom said - "There is Caroline my little spring crocus." My mom and I would then call her "lil crocus." No one else knew this name. On Sunday, two of of my mom's friends can over to help me clean out some things in the kitchen. I was having a tough time and walked down to the garage to get diet coke from my car. On the floor of my car was a small pot of purple and green...the sticky tag simply said the name of the farm where it was grown and said "Crocus." No one claims that they put this in my car......

Am I crazy? Could these really be signs. The coincidence is just too much. Whatever it is, I am taking great comfort in it.


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I am so glad your Mom has been able to give you these signs. I still get them from my Mom 10 yrs later. At first I thought I was crazy but too many coincidences made me realize she would always be here with me and my daughter. Soon before my mom died she grabbed my arm very tightly and told me no matter what all thru my life I would feel that and I do. At the times I need it most I feel her tightly holding my arm guiding me in the right direction. Tou take good care of you and that sweet Caroline.

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