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ALCASE Lung Cancer Funding - Please sign the petition!


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Main site: http://www.lungcanceralliance.org/

Petition: http://www.lungcanceralliance.org/invol ... tition.php

I posted a year or so ago but tonight I was at a site called redtoenail.org, a blog started by a doctor who was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to several other locations. I was reading one member's message about the lack of funding for lung cancer and got sent to the Alcase site again. I signed this petition a long time ago, but we need to get as many people as possible to petition the government to fund lung cancer research!

Quoting the site: "Over 60% of new lung cancers are diagnosed in people who never smoked or who managed to quit smoking even decades ago. Our initiatives aim to make fighting lung cancer a priority for more people and change public perceptions about the disease."

Whether you do or don't smoke, no one should have to go through what lung cancer patients do with such slim odds of survival. Please sign the petition. And if you want to read someone else's railing on the subject, go to:


He points out that prostate and breast cancer now have a 98% survival rate because someone took action and got funding.

I don't want to see any more people go through this. I don't want to worry that my children will have to go through this some day. Please sign the petition.

And refer people on the other boards to this. We all get bogged down in just trying to survive day by day and in worrying about ourselves or our loved ones. Here's a simple step that can make a difference. Thanks for reading:)

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Dear MJB,

Lung Cancer Alliance (ALCASE) Has had that petition on going for over 8 years now. It WOULD BE NICE if they would give an update on how they are doing with this petition or if it has done any good at all.

I worked with Lung Cancer Alliance for over 5 years and they never really said if any good or bad came from that petition. Lung Cancer Awareness/Funding needs more then a Petition to make things happen.

It's no surprise to many of us, that there is very little funding for LC.

But, I will also make mention that LCSC is ALSO in need of some much needed funding and we too are a Non for Profit Org. We do a LOT of GOOD in helping people deal with lung cancer issues.

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I have emailed them to ask what, if any, impact this petition has had on funding. I'll share the answer if and when it arrives. Meantime, there is another site I will post later - have to go back and find it. Thanks for the input.

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I received a reply but because of my husband's deteriorating condition am just now getting around to posting it. They did respond promptly and perhaps this will help.

As the only national organization dedicated solely to advocating on behalf of those living with lung cancer and those at risk for the disease, we see first hand how petitions, letter writing campaigns, publicity in local newspapers can make a difference.

Just in the past year, through our efforts and the efforts of our advocates across the country, lung cancer and Lung Cancer Alliance has received more attention from public health leaders and public policy leaders here in Washington DC than ever before. We have launched many public awareness initiatives—a national ad campaign and a public service announcement that has been endorsed by the Ad Council and was played for a month on the Jumbotron in Times Square. We are working with Members of Congress to add line items for lung cancer research and early detection into appropriations bills.

The petitions will be presented to the Members during our advocacy training session this spring. The more signed petitions, the better! Politicians need to see that their constituencies want lung cancer to be taken seriously and made a priority.

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