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My mom decided to get a second opinion before starting her 2nd go around with Chemo. Though we all thought this was smart, we are now waiting around for her appointment

She didnt have an issue with the chemo recommended and she is ready to go ahead with whatever is suggested, but since the beginning, she has only seen one dr. She started treatment and a clinical trial only a week after being diagnosed. A second opinion, she thinks, will put her mind at ease somewhat

Its been about 3 weeks since her scan that showed a slight change to her tumor. She hasnt had any treatment since this scan and has a til Monday to see the new dr. We are worried that this waiting will only make things worse. Everyday that goes by she sits and worries that it is growing and that she isnt actively fighting it

Any one here think waiting this long is a really bad idea?? Her current dr didnt seem to think so...he wasnt worried. He said as long as she could get a 2nd opinion within 5 weeks that she should go ahead and do it. She got one right away, the wait was only about 2 weeks

Still....we are nervous. The type of tumor she has is rather quick growing they said at one point. The change they noticed last time was slight though. All the same, being in limbo stinks!!!!

Best to you all~

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Thank you for the replies!! I feel a lot better now thanks to your imput ladies

I am glad for the 2nd opinion, and this time, unlike the 1st time, I get to go with her. In a strange way I'm looking forward to hearing from the dr and getting my chance to ask questions

Its just the sitting and waiting that has gotten to us. When she was getting treatment we all felt like 'something was being done' Since the treatments stopped....well, we just dont feel that way anymore

Thanks again

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