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My husband and I are from Worcester, MA...thank you so much for posting that...I am on it ! Tim was diagnosed 12/27/02 with NSCLC..Stage IIIB (?) and is undergoing chemo with Carboplatin/Taxol.

I am going to ask his Oncologist about this...if those trials are starting in the fall, would love to have to chance to take part...


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Karma, I just had to thank you for sharing that article on that vaccine.

About 4 weeks ago I heard something on our nightly news regarding a Lung Cancer Vaccine. Well, low and behold I got on the internet and looked all over the place and couldn't find a thing on it. Then I thought, well...... maybe I was hearing things and wishful thinking!! Then about 2 weeks after I heard about the Lung Cancer Vaccine, they came on the news again and said they had a promising vaccine for colon cancer. Again, I couldn't find anything. SOOOO THANK YOU for helping me to know I wasn't hearing things!! Thank you thank you!! God knows I need all the help I can get sometimes!!! Just ask Dave G, he'll tell ya!! hehehee!

Warm and Gentle Hugs,

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No need for thanks... glad it helped your sanity for your fear of you hearing things...hahaha this vaccine sounds like a great concept. I mean go figure....really smart scientists coming up with a vaccine being a really good concept..haha but you know what i mean.

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