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Financial Advice On Chemo Drugs


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Debs Oncologist has decided to try avastin and Alimta FOr 3 treatments 1 every 3 weeks. I Just found out from the Blue Cross Blue shield People that neither drug is covered on their plans. What do I do next? I do not know. If anybody has any advice please share it with me. I could use some about now. Her tumour has grown in the last 3 months and spread to the Lymph node area in chest. This is last to starting over from 3 years ago, with Navelbine and Gemzar. HELP PLEASE!

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I was just asking a few questions yesterday about Avastin and coverage.

Both Ann and Holly came to the rescue. Holly also told me to get in touch with Karhart. I would start there. I wish I had more information for you right now but I don't. I will let you know as soon as I find out more!

Warm Hugs,


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Mom doesn't have any drug insurance at all. Her Dr was able to get the tarceva for her for free, through the drug company. I guess all drug companies have an indigent fund of some sort? It's worth checking in to.

Now Mom is afraid to get any Rx coverage, b/c they can't tell her if that would invalidate her Tarceva. What a pain! Don't even get me started on the "America--where folks w/ good insurance 'deserve' to live longer" rant.

:) Kelly

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