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Tom K

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I registered a few days ago and immediately posted a note in the “Early Stage” forum. Within a few hours I started receiving several responses all with good and honest advice. While I never wanted to join this club, I am glad I have found so many people willing to help with information, knowledge, encouragement and hope.

For me, things happened very fast; 2 weeks after the first symptom and 3 days after diagnosis, I was on the operating table. I didn’t really have time to digest everything I was being told much less validate the information. All I knew was that I had Lung Cancer and I would probably be dead in less than a year. Of course my doctors were very optimistic and encouraging, but I knew that was part of their job. After returning home from the hospital, I spent 3 weeks intensively researching LC and I discovered that I did indeed have a good chance for a complete cure. The web sites I visited all provided tons of useful information and statistics that helped me understand the nature of the disease and what some of my options were. They did not tell me what actually happens to real people. That is why I was so thrilled when I found this site. I reviewed many of the posts and found lots of people asking the same questions I was asking and real people expressing the same fears I was feeling. I was very encouraged by the number of survivors. Their stories offer hope to all of us. This site is great, my hats off to Rick, Katie and the directors.

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Welcome. I am so glad you found us. Are you going to try any chemo or radiation? I hope my profile helps you a little. As you can see I was given both. I honestly feel that the surgery was probably the thing that has saved my life thus far but I feel safer knowing I have have done it all. Just wondering if you have seen an oncologist yet.


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Welcome. You are a lucky guy! Bet you never thought coughing up blood would be a good thing! It sure allerted you to get yourself checked out. Glad you found us. Are they thinking of doing chemo? recent studies have found that it is worthwhile to be sure any "loose" cell is gunned down before it has a chance to multiply. Keep us posted. Donna G

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First of all welcome here.

You certainly are a very "Lucky Guy" that you LC was found in such an early stage and you were able to get the operation. Only one in 4 is operable.

Since you were restaged at IB you may want to look into adjunctive chemo. If anything just for peace of mind.

Good Luck. lf you have any questions we are always here for you.


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Hey Lucky -

Thank God for early detection! I am glad you are going to share the journey with us....there are SO many loing term survivors on this site who did exactly what you did -- acted on the symptoms immediately.



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