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Heart issues


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{edited} Latest news from Baytown....Dad had a heart arrythmia. His cardiologist orders a slow down of the IV treatments for pneumonia and platelets/blood transfusions. He feels that dad's heart has changed it's position in his chest. He has ordered a CT scan and bronchoscopy. Dad had the CT scan but then found out that the brochoscopy was cancelled. I hope this is a good sign...since my imagination was getting the best of me.

He's been moved to a private room and I just spoke to him. He sounded sooooo much better. He's regaining his humor according to Mom. Yesterday my aunt, his sister, had a priest visit him. He was annointed with oils and prayers for the sick. The thing that amazed mom was that dad accepted communion. THis is the first time since they were married 42 years ago.

I am not sure how i feel about this.

I still hate cancer...by the way.

Much love to all and to everyone a warm heart felt hug,


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