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A very long overdue update...


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John had his CT scan in January. I think both of us knew before we got the results that it would not be stable this time. He has had a bad cough and seems to have less energy. We had the CT report faxed to us and it says that his tumor has grown slightly near his vena cava. Our onc is out of town but the onc on call has instructed John to stop the tarceva, and start Alimta as soon as possible. He is not able to have additional radiation in that area. Tomorrow he goes to get the B-12 shot and pick up information on the Alimta. We will see our onc on January 30th and he will start Alimta that day.

So we're back in it, not much else to say.


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Oh Rochelle :cry: ,

I have plenty so say :twisted: ...but not allowed to here...sorry.

You and John shoot right up there to the TOP of the prayer list. Doesn't seem enough to do, but got nothing else to offer.

As I have said before, this disease is pure 'evil' :twisted: in its worst form. So sorry this is the news. May things improve with Alimta quickly.

Love and hugs to both of you,


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Let me go borrow a bat from a squirrel I know. It's time to kick some cancer cells in the *ss.

I hate news like this so I can't imagine how much worse it feels for you guys. Dang. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

Healing Hugs and bats all around,


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Ry and John,

I'm so sorry to hear about John. I know Tarceva had been working so well for him and thought it would continue to do so. It seemed like John's magic bullet. Hopefully, Alimta will take over now for a good long time.

You and John are in my thoughts and prayers.

gail p-m

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