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Anyone have Neupagen for low blood counts?


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About 2 weeks ago I started chemo for nsclc squamous cell stage 3b. I was really dreading it. It was carbo and gemzar one week, next week gemzar only. The 3rd week was labs and discussion with oncologist.

I zipped right through the chemo, no problems and was tickled to death that all I had feared was for nought.

On week 3 I told my doc, just because I have had no problems and no chemo symptoms, please dont kick it up a notch, I feel fine like it is. He told me he was glad I felt good, that the carbo/gemzar was pretty much tolerated but in spite of no symptoms, my blood counts showed the effectivenss of the chemo. My white count was very low and my platelets were very low. So he gave me Neupagen (sp?) injections and will do lab tomorrow. Then do lab again Wed before chemo, and maybe a transfusion. The shot didnt hurt a bit, but the nurse said I might feel some aches and pains later on.

About 5 am, out of a sound sleep, I had the worse back pain I have ever had, I felt like my back was breaking, it was excruciating. I managed to get up and take a pain pill (narco) and got relief and pretty much pain free rest of day. But, now its bedtime and I can feel it slightly starting to kick up. I was wondering if anyone else has had that kind of pain from Neupagen. I know folks have drops in their blood from the chemo, and something given, but dang, I couldnt understand the bone pain. It really hurt. When I get my lab tomorrow, I will check with doc, but just thought I would see if anyone had that happen.

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Had pain in my legs. Took Advil and it worked. As Eppie said, it does make the bone marrow speed up and produce faster. I had several injections, it does taper off after a few injections. My body seemed to adjust.

My PC said to take 2 tablets of Advil every 4-6 hors instead of 1. Said don't pay attention to box instructions. I'm not a doctor, so ask your physician first. What works for one, may not work for someone else.

Good Luck and prayers.


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Shots like Neupogen, Neulasta, Aranesp, Procrit cause the bone marrow to work harder and produce red or white blood cells. Bone pain and all over body aches are stated side effects of these medications. Hoping that the pain eases and doesn't interfere with you continuing with your treatment.

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so glad to hear from all of you. I went to onc today and my white cell count is up, so i guess it is really powerful. I told my nurse and she said well you took advil didnt you, I said heck no, I took the really strong stuff (Narco, i think its a double dose of vicodin), I dont think anything less would have knocked out that pain. Hey, it doesnt bother me at all to take strong pain med. You will never get addicted if you use it for pain, and believe me, I am not going to be a brave little soldier about pain.

Thanks again, luck to all, and I go back Wed for more Gemzar and carbo (if blood still okay).

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