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Don Wood Over 7000 WOW!


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I am so glad you started this. He always posts the nicest things about others as their post numbers climb. Don is always so thoughtful in his posts. His one-liners in the Just for Laughs forum are funny too! Besides taking great care of Lucie, he takes care of all of all us too. Thanks Don.

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Don...you and Lucie are the absolute greatest. You are always here for any of us that need advice. If you don't have the answer, you still cheer us on with words of support! Thank you Don and Lucie!

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alllllrightttt Don!

While dealing with all of your own health crises, you have time to deal with all of Lucie's too. You two are a team in every way imaginable.

You have extreme faith and live your faith daily. Even I can see that.

Love and kisses and margaritas to you and Lucie!

love, Cindi o'h

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Congratulations, Don!

Since coming to this board I have looked to you for guidance and inspiration. I have also received instruction on how to live my life with LC according your wisdom. Thank you for being here for us. When I see your picture I feel comfort. When I read your words I feel more empowered.

Thank you.

With much gratitude,


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