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I have been "hanging out" here for a few days and find it very comforting yet very sad. I am looking to contact someone who could understand me better. Maybe someone I could vent to, discuss things with, get other opinions about things etc. Someone who has a lot in common with me, although I am probably expecting too much, and consider myself somewhat of a one of kind enigma (ha ha), and I will never find such a person. I have been married for 33 years, have two grown children, a granddaughter, one younger sister, parents gone for a long time and not really very many friends. All family lives in another state about 3 hours away. Along with this lung cancer, I've been menopausal for way too long, have a long history of depression, diagnosed with diabetes II and ADD in 1998. It has been even more downhill ever since we were relocated to IN in 1999. Well, except for the birth of my first grandchild. Is there anyone else who also has been told that they have a good chance of being cured? I know that I have a lot to be thankful about, but I sure am having an awful hard time. When is a good time to chat in the "chat" place? Thanks for any help or understanding and thanks for this website, sure wished I'd found it sooner. Thanks again, Patty

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HI Patty.

Looks like you are well on your way to a cure. I am not like you. I am a stage lllB survivor!

I have been at it for over 3 years. I am hoping that I am cured!!! Doctor says when I reach 5 years without recurrence he will declare me cured!

I have pain in my back too, though.

Good luck on your scans. Do you have any leftover xanax? Now might be a time to peek to see. We almost all get a bit jittery come test time.

Best of luck to you. And welcome.

Best time for chats seems to be Tues. and Friday eves???

Cindi o'h

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Hi Patty, welcome. I had just turned 50 when I started having shoulder pain after moving here to Minnesota. I thought it was lifting heavy boxes and unpacking.

Boy was I shocked it turned out to be lung cancer. That was 12/3/97. I had to have chemo and radiation to shrink it before they did surgery in February and chemo after.

I bet by now you have done the math and figured out that was over 8 years ago. I am still NED ( no evidence of disease). Believe me this war can be won! Keep us posted. Donna G

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Hi Patty, and welcome.

I have had early stage lung cancer twice. I have had 2 operations for curative intent. My last operation was almost a year ago. At my first operation I did not do chemo and who knows... maybe that is why I got cancer again.

After my second operation I did the chemo. I did carboplatin and gemzar, 4 cycles. I think I am cured this time, but only time will tell.

I had a cough for 4 months or so after my last surgery. It was a dry cough that eventually went away.

I hope your ct scan and MRI bring you good news and that you start feeling better soon. You have my prayers.

Don M

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Welcome Patty. I know you will find the support you need from this board. There are so many survivors who really understand what you are going through...please stick with us and don't be afraid to ask for help when you need it!

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Hi patty,

Welcome here!

Wow how very fortunate you are to be able to have a lobectomy and you are an early 1B stage. That is terrific. My husband was also 1B.

Did you have an adjunctive chemo after your surgery?

I hope all your test have good results.

Please keep us posted in the results.


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