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When a Partial Loss of Vision Occurs

Fay A.

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Hi, Folks,

Night before last I lost the vision in the lower left eye. This lasted just long enough for me to decide to contact my Physician (10 minutes), but I changed my mind when the vision cleared. What I should have done was go to the ER. I'm okay, but my blood vessles are bursting, and if it happens again I will not delay and will go to the ER. I mention this only because I know I am not the only one here who hates running to the Hospital every time something new crops up.

So, if you experience a partial or full loss of vision in one or both eyes, this is a true medical emergency, even if by the time you arrive at the hospital the vision has cleared. The docs will be able to tell if the blood vessel has ruptured, and if anything else needs to be done. They can also tell if you have a partially detached retina, something that is not uncommon in those of us who have had chemo.

No playing around with this one, Folks. Blind is not what we want to be.

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I'm taking Gemzar and Tarceva. I am receiving both Aranesp and Neulasta injections because my white and red cell counts are too low. My cough is horrific, and I do have a nasty sinus infection. I'm taking Levaquin and Diflucan for the sinus infection. This all goes with the territory, but losing my sight, even for only 10 minutes, is something that scares even me. :shock:

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I second that, Fay. mom attributed 'losing' the ends of the sentences in her book to a headache, and "slept on" what turned out to be a stroke!! thank god, a minor one. vision changes are never to be taken lightly. you're so good to warn us all that that's true, even if things clear up.



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