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Back from holidays!!!!!


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Hey everyone,

I haven't been online since I left to go away on Dec 27th and I see there is a lot of sad news to read. This has made me feel very down, I think Leslie's situation has just knocked me about a bit, very unexpected that is. Not sure if I can handle all the sadness anymore, it does create doubt in my own mind about my own situation even though that is going well.

Anyway, the holiday was drama filled of course. Lost luggage, insincere people etc, but overall it was a fantastic time. Met some great people and some not so great. Honolulu and Vancouver were wonderful, L.A. was great when I was there a year ago, this time it was horrible. Oh well, you live and learn. Coming from a small place I certainly had my eyes opened as to how low some people will go in life.

Now I am back to reality, a scan in a couple of weeks. I had days when I was away when cancer didn't exist for me, those are the days I just love.

Now it is stinking hot (about 107 degrees) and how I am aching for the rain and cold in Vancouver!!!! That and the fact I didn't want to leave there in the first place!!

So, to all of you out there who are feeling pain right now, I am thinking of you. A lot of you were in my thoughts while I was away, I just tried to imagine no cancer for 3 weeks, so I didn't come online.

All the best to all of you,


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Welcome back, Sharon. Hope the scan results are good for you. If it is any consolation, I live near Southern California, and when I head to LA I never know how if it will be a good or bad experience. It is what it is...

But I'm glad that you had a good time overall. Hope you made lots of good memories with your kids and partner.

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Welcome Back Sharon,

Glad you had a nice trip, for the most part. I'm glad you had days when cancer didn't exist for you. It's so hard to find those days. I know it's hard to come back and read the sad news, but we are glad that you are here. We all need each other through the good and the bad times.



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