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final chemo...hopefully


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So, My Mom is scheduled for her last chemo treatment next week. It will be her 6th. After radiation and her 4th chemo, the scans came back "clear" and the onc said the cancer was basically "gone". I tried not to get my hopes up too much, but i was a big relief. Each chemo has been worse than the one before (more pain, fatigue, and nausea). She's really dreading this last one. She said she feels tired all the time. Also, 3 weeks ago she was having bad cramps in her legs and the dr. discovered she has low potassium, so now she eating bananas and doing much better in that area. But anyways, do you have any suggestions about getting rhgouh this last treatment and helping the tiredness? I appreciate your support.

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I'm so happy for you and your mom. Her reports couldn't be better! If she can, just go with it...give in and rest. Take the anti-nausea meds, if they don't work, try another. Can't do much about the fatigue other than sleep thru it. My mother now jokes about the spring she slept thru. Just be there for her and enjoy her success!


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Being tired is due to low blood counts.Has her Dr. given her a shot to help bring them back up? There is medicine for the nause and pain medicine.Is she getting any of this? Self help would be eat a lot of green veg.I had 5 rounds of Chemo and radation at the same time.Chemo was not a problem and I took vitimans.I had anti-nause med.I had one shot when my blood count started to drop lower than the Dr liked that was around my 4th round of chemo.


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I remember that feeling.......tired just doesn't describe it.

I had my tx Dec thru May and during the summer re-runs on TV I would argue with my husband that we had NOT watched this program before, he then pointed out that I had slept through the entire TV season!

Check with the dr about nausea meds, mine was kept under control for the most part.

Have your mom rest whenever she needs it. I found it best not to try and fight it, sometimes all it took was lying down or napping for half an hour to give me enough juice to carry on for a while. I think I wore a whole new shape in our sofa!

Time was my friend at this point, the weariness went away and so did the nausea.

Good luck


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