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Mark VR feeling good


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Hi friends,

Sorry for being deliquient on posting. It has been an incredibly busy couple months. First my health. I'm still undergoing chemo, Carboplatin and Irinotecan. The first round beat my blood up pretty well, WBC was low, RBC low, platelets low, etc. We were able to complete the first round (3 consecutive Fridays) and then went to Michigan to visit family for Christmas. When I got back I had to take an extra week off from treatment to get the platelets back up. I've now completed 2 full rounds and seem to be doing well. The tumor on my back is significantly smaller, we use it as an indicator for the effectiveness of the chemo. I still have the fluid on my right lung, just in the monitor stage now. Docs are always listening to it though. I had a full body bone scan a couple weeks ago, came back negative, praise God. After the next round of chemo I'll probably get another full set of scans.

I'm still working full time, and folks tell me I look pretty good. I've felt better the last several weeks than I have in many months.

The busy part lately has involved visiting family in Colorado and Michigan, selling our house and moving into an apartment (love it), and getting ready for a grandson to be born.

I'll try to stay in the posting mode more often, sorry for being gone so long.


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Mark , thanks for the update. Sounds like you are very busy! I will let Jay know. He has skipped town on business. I really think since it is 7 degrees out here in the Twin Cities, and where he is headed will be in the 50's or more, that this is a real get-a-way trip! Donna G

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