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Getting to Know You - January 23


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YES! :D on rainy days, we would put blankets over the dining room table, and go in there and eat english muffin pizzas or those awful/wonderful brownies my Holly Hobby Mini-bake Oven would produce (hey, you can only do so much with brownie mix and a lightbulb...)

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I had several--creek banks at my friend's house, down by the pond, out in the timber...

But I have also been known to wax poetic about the undersides of tables... Wonder if I can find the short little blurb I wrote somewhere. Do you remember how great it was when you were little to play under tables? *sigh*

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Our house had a small cellar, not very deep at all, that was accessed from an outside door. The foundation of the house was block and some of the blocks were turned so they were open for ventilation. This seemed to always be the ideal setting for stray cats to have kittens. I adored cats but was never allowed to have inside cats. I would spend hours, sitting by that door, peeping in at those beautiful little kittens.

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A dugout on the crest of a hill not too far from where I grew up. The dugout looked out over the lake. We would pick wild raspberries, strawberries and grapes, bring some sugar and cream and have picnics up in our (8 brothers and sisters) hideaway.

Difficult to see us from the road.

A stray dog came by, a black lab, scared me. I went running down the hill with him on my tail and ran full steam into a barbed wire fence where I ripped the underside of my arm wide open. Have a 10X1" scar as a fun reminder of our secret hideaway.

Cindi o'h

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