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Two different types of non-small cell


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Here's the story. One of my best girl friends in the whole world was dx w/ squamous stage 1a in 2001. Had upper right lobeoctmy no rad. or chemo. Two months ago had heart attack put in one stent. Two weeks later had chest pain and went to ER. They did CT on lungs and found nodule in bottom left lobe. No bio.as of yet, but surgeon believes same stage but different type of non-small cell a new sight. Has anyone ever heard of this? And even though she has the worse luck she also has the best by having systoms both times. And both times finding it sooo early. Because of the heart attack and condition of her lungs she is still getting tested to see if surgery is even an option.

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Hi Cindi,

Thanks. She had the same surgeon as I did. Sometimes they can tell by the shape etc. He called mine before the bio. Sometimes I think that they look and this stuff sooo much. But he did say he thought but not sure.


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