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Dad not better


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Dad is not good. Too fatigued and tired, appetite (even with his trusty Megace) is gone. Can't really walk anymore, unsteady--had a fall yesterday--bruised and vomitted all day long yesterday.

Has lost 15 pounds in less than 11 days. Doctor doesn't know why this is happening...could be the new growth and now the new treatments....could be liver failure or his body could just be shutting down.

PLEASE DON"T LET THIS BE SO> please send dad prayers.

thank you guys so much.

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I'm sorry to hear this, Katie. Of course you all have my prayers. I'm trying to think of things that might be done to help, but the decision to implement them must come from your Father... A G-tube inserted directly into the stomach for direct feeding. Intrathecal chemo if there are cancer cells in the spinal fluid or brain mets. RFA on the liver tumors. I just don't know what to do say, Dear One. All I can do is pray that the right answers will be present themselves at the right time.

Sending you a hug,

Fay A.

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Katie -

Sorry that your dad is not feeling well - I know this is very hard not only on him, but you also.

Take care of him - but don't forget to take care of you too.

(Rick, give her an extra hug from us..............)

Prayers going out to you right now,


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Thank you all my sweet friends...I've printed these prayers out to show him...today he looked beat..but always positive my dad is. He's so weak and yet so tough at the same time.

I sprung for a walker today. Scre# going thru insurance...they wanted us to go to a special store and the paperwork.,..would have been at least a three day wait..so off I drove to eckerd and bought a new walker for dad. He walks from bed to the sofa..from sofa to bathroom..then at night back to bed. When he has doctors appointments he must walk to the front door where the wheelchair is, and that was where he fell. My mom couldn't get him up! She called frantically and finally got some help for him. I figured a walker in the house would help him keep his balance.

Mom's friend down the street has a daughter-Julie- who is 25. She was diagnosed with a rare brain cancer 4 years ago. Many surgeries and chemos later her dr. sends her home to die...told her he WOULD NOT do anything for her anymore as the cancer has encompassed all of her brain, nothing was working anymore. Told her mom she had at most two weeks to live. This was in Jan. this year. Right after that--we had a BBQ at a local park...her and my dad sat side by side in their wheelchairs and ate. Julie had not "walked" or cared for herself for many months. They looked sad and sick and we were hurting inside for Julie... hurting about the uncertainty about my dad. It was a nice, yet somber day.

Well, Julie never went to another doctor...so many of them turned her away and she has no insurance. She has not died! Today...she WALKED on her own to my dad's house! "I WILL NOT GIVE UP", she told my dad. (she calls him "grandpa")

"I'M NOT GOING AWAY".... I wanted to cry. It was a great encouragement for my dad.

I also give my dad copies of you guys' postings all of the time for encouragment. Today I printed off the post from FAY A. "I AM BEATING IT...." and he read it and smiled.

I hope his treatments are working. I hope ALL of our prayers will be heard as I pray for each and all of you, my friends.

I'm sorry I haven't been much of a support since my dad's conditions have changed so quickly. I am SO greatful for all of you. You have my gratitude and love and endless admiration and respect.

God bless us all.

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KatieB, I am praying for your special Dad and for you. I am very close to my Dad (he's 82 years old) and I cannot even imagine what you must be going through. Keep your faith and know that the Lord is keeping watch over both of you.

Prayers and hugs,

Nancy B

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I am so saddened to hear of your Dads current problems.You both continue to be in my thoughts and prayers daily.

The walker was a good idea...just be certain he uses it properly. His body should be between the two handrails as he walks. If he needs some instruction a physical therapist could help.

God bless,


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Guest peggyd


I wish we could all be there, holding your hand and supporting you and your dad through all of this. We are all there in spirit. I thought of your dad first thing this morning and wondered how he was doing. He (and your family) are in my prayers every night. Our love to you and your family. May God give you strength to continue the fight (and win!). Don't ever give up hope!


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Please try to hang in there..Tim is having radiation for brain mets and he is SO fatigued..and he is only 55. The Radiation Onc assured us that the weakness in his legs, insomnia, fatigue, etc are all side effects from the radiation and medication. Did they put your dad on Decadron?

Tim and my prayers are with you and your Dad !


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I don't know what to say except that my prayers continue for your special dad and all your family. You have been a mountain of strength and a fountain of encouragement through all this...hang in there and keep it up. Love and hugs, dear one.

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Katie I know what you are going through. I will pray for your special father. I can only say that your dad can try alternative treatments. My dad took hoxsey formula for 2 weeks. High doses of L-arginine. My dad said that he felt better , but only for a couple of weeks. However, this invloved drinking a lot of fluids, so dad didnt like going to the bathroom all the time. Try to give your dad prosure (special drink made by ensure to help fight against weight loss). My dad's appetite wasnt good either, he eventually couldn't eat food that required a lot of chewing, he also said that the food didn't want to go down. He had problems swallowing. However, there is hope when there is life. Try to give your dad something. If he is not on oxygen 24/7 and unable to walk, I would not panic yet, just think of things that would help your dad feel better. Sorry this is all I can say for now.


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