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small tribute to leslie


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I had to post this, b/c it's so HER, and it replaced tears with a smile this morning. the following quote was in the last PM I got from Leslie (rec'd on 12/30/05).

"When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you a crock of shi_, don't make anything at all. Trust me on this!"



love you, Les.



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Thanks, Aime. I know that Leslie shared so much of herself with so many in a personal way. She had a gift of making each one of us feeling special and loved. I appreciate your starting this tribute to Leslie. She was a powerfully positive force. from a p/m in December from Leslie..(partial)

"My Decadron has started to make me a little...uh, "intense" at times. My patience level for what seems like stupidity is almost non-existent (and it doesn't take much apparently to qualify for "stupidity" either .) I forewarned Mark and I catch myself being snippy and appologize. He knows to evacuate the area immediately if any of the following events take place:

a) I pick up the box of spaghetti with the opened end down;

B) I have been looking for my glasses longer than 5 minutes without success;

c) someone steps on a cat's tail;

d) I get cornered into conversation with my endlessly-chattering neighbor in the drivewa and am determined to remain polite.

Not really so bad, but you know what it's like.

Feel better, friend!"


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Leslie, you were really something. You made everyone here feel so special and worth your precious time. You wrote beautiful messages to cheer me up, shared valuable knowledge and advice. You positive attitude and bubbly persona is infectious.

You're probably the one that I've felt closest to here at the boards. You have been the one who has walked with me through this hard journey. With your exceptional way with words, you have made this experience bearable and meaningful at the same time.

I'm devastated. I still can't believe you're gone. :,(

Leslie, I'm sure you are in a better place now. I look forward to seeing you soon..



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