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Beating the Odds


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Met with my ONC to get the results of my latest scan...and the results are.....some shrinkage and some no change (stable). I am on my 9th regimen of treatment (carbo/taxol/avastin) and am still around. This is pretty rare and I am thankful to God for making this happen. The ONC is just shaking her head, that I am still responding to treatments and as in the past I am having virtually no side effects. I have a couple of days when I feel like I played football yesterday, but other than that I feel great......I'm a lucky dude. :D:D

Thank you all for your prayers and support.



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I actually printed your history out and showed Charlie's oncologist last year. He was amazed. I told him if you could respond after so many tries, then Charlie could, too. We have been following your example. Thank God Charlie is having positive results with his 8th line treatment that also includes Avastin. You GO JIM! Take care.

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