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Beating the Odds


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:D:D Wipe the Dust off the Bar and pour us a round man!!! With all my bad adys this week I love to hear some Joyfull news.Many Prayers and Much love and Happiness
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Jim -

Caroline is sitting on my lap...and I swear that she (with her five weeks of wisdom on this earth) just gave me a huge toothless smile when I read your news to her.

I am thrilled for you. Keep going, we need good news like yours.



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Hey Jim,

Your not the only LUCKY DUDE!!! :wink:

I think We're pretty LUCKY TO HAVE YOU, you LUCKY DUDE YOU!!! ((((JIM))))))

Just keep on kicking that cancer's *ss! (((JIM)))

I LOVE IT! :wink:8)

I'm going to continue to keep you in my prayers, because as we all know, sometimes MORE IS BETTER!!!

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