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My Precious Daddy!


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William Larry McQueen

September 25,1943

January 18,2006

I love and miss him so much! I'll never be the same. My dad made my heart smile! He was the best father you could have! He resides in heaven for eternity. I'll be with him again and will never tell him goodbye.

Im one of four children and the only daughter. My dad and I were a lot alike. He was stubborn and strong-willed. He always knew the answers to all my questions. He never complained about anything. He believed in getting up and moving around even when he was sick. He always thought of others instead of himself. He thought of other cancer patients and would ask about them often. He really loved people and life. He was a hero in my eyes. I could never be that brave and courageous as he was. He was so strong for my mom and always eased her mind. He was the true definition of a man!

Survivors include his wife, a daugther and three sons. He also has two brothers from N.C. and 5 grand children.

My dad was born in Robeson County, St. Pauls,North Carolina. He was the son of Parker Frank McQueen and Pearl Easter Beasley of North Carolina.

I'll forever love and miss him. He was loved by all who knew him.

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Hi Beth

That is a beautiful eulogy about your dad. I can see how much you loved and adored him.

My deepest condolences to you and your family. There will be a big void there.

But even though you dad left his sick body behind, his wonderful soul lives on. He will watch over you when you need him.

He will also always stay alive in your heart of hearts through all those wonderful memories you shared together.

Peace be with you.


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