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I am new. My husband has NSCLC Stage IV


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My husband was diagnosed with NSCLC November 2005. He had 7 rounds of carbo/taxol with concurrent chest radiation; 4 rounds of Taxotere; 3 Gamma Knife for 12 brain mets and Whole Brain Radiation which was completed in September. Was considered "Stable". He started Tarceva 150 mg. in October and had strong reaction (lethargy, nausea, anorexia, dehydration). After a 10 day break he started Tarceva 100 mg. and had the same reaction (just took longer to get as bad). He fell and split his head open and MRI and Lumbar Puncture showed "Leptomeningeal Metatases" or "Carcinomatosis Meningitis". He is now taking Temodar with no improvement after 2 weeks. The Neuro Onc does not recommend Intrathecal Chemo for him and WBR cannot be done since he had it recently. Has anyone had experience with this?

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First , welcome. Boy your husband has had a lot of treatment already. I am a little confused. You say he was diagnosed in November 05, but completed brain radiation in September. Does he have 2 different cancers? Please keep us posted. Also you may have a question for "Ask the Experts" , if you would like to try that area of the board. Best wishes. Donna G

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Hi Tina,

Welcome here. Sorry you had to find us but we are a great support family here.

Your poor husband he has been through so much in the short time he was diagnoised.

Please keep us updated. I hope this new drug works for him.l

Prayers sent out to him.


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