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My mom passed away

Remembering Dave

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This is Karen, I changed my username again because the new one what I changed it to after Dave died was too cumbersome.

Anyway, my mom passed away early this morning, with my dad holding her hand, she was at home and in hospice care, which was awesome. turns out her hospice nurse not only graduated from high school with me but also had worked in the hospital dave always went to, on the oncology floor, and she had treated Dave, so she knew our story and had fond memories of Dave and his big grin.

I'm glad mom didn't have any real pain and her passing was peaceful, unlike Dave who fought hard through the pain until the bitter end. I hope they are getting along OK in heaven. Mom and Dave didn't see eye to eye on alot of things (she hated drinking, he loved beer, for instance) but after they both had cancer they had a solidarity and closeness that was nice - very supportive of each other. They became each other's biggest fan.

We've had a warm winter so far but today the wind is blowing hard and cold.

I miss my Mom, she was so good to talk to after Dave died. But my Dad and I are close and always have understood each other, so I think we will be OK.

I HATE CANCER. Dave was robbed of at last 40 good years and my mom of 20, since she died at 73 and her mom died at 95, I think if mom never had cancer she'd have lived that long and I think she planned on that.

Well, said more than I meant to, got alot to do today, but thank goodness Dad and I already made all the arrangements.

God Bless,


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I am so very sorry for your loss. You have gone through more than anyone should ever have to go through with this terrible disease. I just wish I could wrap my arms around you and take away all the hurt. Please know that you and your father, and little faith are in my prayers.


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It's being a week and few days for me and losing your mom it's awful because we lean so much on them. I fell the same way about my mom she was 70 and she was robbed a lot of years too. I can believe you lost you husband too I can even imagine your pain. I haven't being long on this board so I don't know everybody. You must be strong especially in the next few days that is when you need most of your strenght. I have not words that can make your pain better, it's nothing that we can say to make us fell better. The only thing we can said it what you said "I HATE CANCER". The ugly desease that takes our love ones away before their time. Please if you need to talk my email address is sasha_coscia@yahoo.com.

Big Hug


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My deepest condolences to you Karen. Moms are so special and so tragic when they leave us.

You seem to be hangling it quite well. I am proud of you. I am so glad she had such a peaceful passing. She must have been so contented with your dad beside her hold her hand.

Peace be with you and your dad. I know you will lean on each other for support.

I know your Dave was here to give her a big hug when she passed.

Love ya,


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